Monday, June 17, 2013

Watch Us Grow! "Under the Sea" Growth Chart

Watch Us Grow “Sea” theme growth chart is the perfect addition to your “Under the Sea” theme. I plan on using the growth chart in my math center. During the first week of school I will measure the children using the growth chart. Using the bubble name tags located at the back of the packet, I’ll record their name, age, and height. I’ll also take a picture to add to the bubble name tag. For the students who cannot recognize their name in print the picture is their visual clue.

Directions: It is suggested to print on card stock and laminate for durability. Using Adobe Acrobat change the page scaling from FIT TO PAPER to NONE. After printing, trim all pages to their colored border and use clear packing tape to assemble finished growth chart. The inches and feet measuring is to scale within + or – 1/16”. When displaying the growth chart place the bottom edge of the chart level with the floor. Finished size is 8” W x 78” H.

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