Sunday, July 10, 2016

Are You A Bucket Filler? {SMARTboard Activities}

DOWNLOAD>> Are You A Bucket Filler? {SMARTboard Activities}

For additional  Bucket Filler ideas>> Are You A Bucket Filler?

Directions: To view the Notebook file choose: VIEW> ENTIRE PAGE depending on your monitor’s resolution. It is recommended NOT to save the file once you have downloaded and extracted. This way the games do not have to be re-set.

This is an extension of my Are You a Bucket Filler? Printable activity packet. I have used the same posters and sorting cards, but have added the virtual individual fill My Bucket Tracking.

My Bucket: Instead of using individual buckets for all students to see, use the SMARTBoard version to keep track of Bucket Fillers in the classroom. Each bucket can be personalized with a student’s name. If the student is caught filling someone’s bucket add a heart. If the student is caught dipping into someone else’s bucket, take a heart. Then as a class decide on what type of rewards for getting X amount of hearts by the end of the day, or week. Click on the link to learn how to change names, group, and lock buckets. Also how to add and take away hearts.

Sorting Hearts Sort the hearts by bucket filler or dipper. To re-set the self- checking game: Click on ACTIVITY BUILDER>RESET ALL. This resets the game pieces to their original location.

Georgia Early Learning and Development Standards: 

Social and Emotional Development
SED3.4a Independently follows rules and routines.
SED3.4b Regulates own emotions and behaviors, and seeks out adult support when needed.

Approaches to Play
APL3.4c Works cooperatively with others to successfully achieve a goal or accomplish a task.

Social Studies
CD-SS2.4a Identifies and follows rules of the classroom community and displays competence in engaging in appropriate social behavior.

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If you find a mistake or typo in the packet, please email me so I can fix the error and send you a revised packet.

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