Monday, June 17, 2013

Ocean Theme Alphabet Book

The Ocean Theme Alphabet Book contains photographs of marine animals beginning with each letter of the alphabet. The sight words used are: is, for. This book is perfect for letter recognition with repetitive phrases.

DOWNLOAD>> Ocean Theme Alphabet Book

Watch Us Grow! "Under the Sea" Growth Chart

Watch Us Grow “Sea” theme growth chart is the perfect addition to your “Under the Sea” theme. I plan on using the growth chart in my math center. During the first week of school I will measure the children using the growth chart. Using the bubble name tags located at the back of the packet, I’ll record their name, age, and height. I’ll also take a picture to add to the bubble name tag. For the students who cannot recognize their name in print the picture is their visual clue.

Directions: It is suggested to print on card stock and laminate for durability. Using Adobe Acrobat change the page scaling from FIT TO PAPER to NONE. After printing, trim all pages to their colored border and use clear packing tape to assemble finished growth chart. The inches and feet measuring is to scale within + or – 1/16”. When displaying the growth chart place the bottom edge of the chart level with the floor. Finished size is 8” W x 78” H.

A "Sea" of Good Work Banner

A "Sea" of Good Work Banner is perfect for using as a header above where you display students' work. The PDF file is tiled to 4 pages for a finished size of 8.5" H x 30" long.

Directions: Print on card stock and cut along image border. Then use clear tape and assemble. You can either, laminate each individual page, cut around image, and then assemble with clear packing tape OR assemble and then laminate the entire banner.

DOWNLOAD >> "Sea" of Good Work Banner

FREE Home Activity Folder Label

More... "Under the Sea" Themed Activities

Home Activity Folder label is ideal to use on the front cover of a pocket folder for the students’ “homework” folder. Images are from Borderbund (Print Perfect software) and Microsoft Office clip art.

Directions: Print on either card stock or a heavier weight copy paper. Cut along blue border. I use spray glue to attach the label to the front of the folder and then I cover the label with contact paper. This way the label tends to last longer. Another idea would be to print on Avery’s full sheet label paper and then use the contact paper on top.


~C. Hampton

Summer: A Time for Relaxation and Getting Ready for Next Year!

Summer vacation is well underway with only 24 more days until the start of the new school year. As always I use summer vacation as a planning time like so many. Summer vacation is also a time to reflect on things that went really well and things that just plain flopped. I have realized that behavior is the biggest obstacle any teacher faces. Today’s society is so geared to hit first, ask questions later. More and more of my students are using their hands instead of their words. This makes me so sad. SO, in retrospect I have decided to use Conscious Discipline ( in my Pre-K classroom this year. I have spent countless hours researching and coming up with activities to promote a “School Family” atmosphere.

I like to change things around. I know last summer I spent a lot of time preparing items for a Circus Theme and was planning on using the same theme for this upcoming school year. BUT I think I might have a slight case of ADD. I couldn’t stand the thought of looking at the same items for an additional 10 months. SO, I have decided to use an “Under the Sea them for my classroom. I have been busy creating cubby labels, bin labels, attendance charts, new center signs, work group pocket chart cards, a new visual schedule, posters for procedures and so much more.

Below are descriptions and links to “Under the Sea” themed items from my store at

Fish Themed Alphabet Cards
Fish Themed Alphabet cards are perfect for circle time, word wall labels, literacy centers, and so much more. Each page contains a fish with the upper and lowercase letter printed in the middle of the fish. You can use the entire page as an alphabet card or cut each fish out.

Directions: I suggest all pages are printed on card stock and laminated for durability. I have provided several different sizes to accommodate the many uses you may have in your classroom.
The Alphabet Card Packet contains the following:
• Pages 3 to 28 are 8.5” x 11” with each letter on a separate page.
• Pages 29 to 41 are 2 up on a page for an approximate 8.5” x 5.5” finished size.
• Pages 42 to 46 are 6 up on a page for an approximate 3.5” x 4” finished size.
• Page 47 all 26 alphabet cards on one sheet. Ideal to use in home activity folders or a quick reference for students at their desk.

Check back often for more updates!

~C. Hampton