Sunday, September 27, 2015

All About Spiders

This week our class is studying about spiders. We are going to practice sequencing the life cycle of a spider, introducing new vocabulary words related to spiders, counting spiders, and feeding the "spider" the letter S flies.

Below is a link to our spider theme lesson plans for the week. The lesson plans include the following types of activities: Morning Message with activity, Large Group Literacy, Phonemic Awareness, Small Group, two planned story times, and a closing activity.The standards are based on Bright From the Start GELDS.

DOWNLOAD>> All About Spiders 5 Day Pre-K Lesson Plans

The Spider Vocabulary cards us real images found on Google Images. They are intended for CLASSROOM USE ONLY. I am incorporating the vocabulary cards as a method of one, increasing vocabulary and two, for my higher level students to practice their writing skills in an independent small group.

DOWNLOAD>> FREE Spider Vocabulary Cards

Classroom Activities:


During centers the students enjoyed exploring the spider habitat in our sensory table. I added beans, un-popped corn, silk fall leaves, Halloween spider web and various spiders all from the Dollar Tree. The students experimented how spider webs catch insects.


During independent small groups the students experimented with art materials and discovered that spider webs were sticky and that is how insects get stuck in spider webs. I used contact paper to simulate how sticky a spider web is. Then the students with some help turn their collage over and laid it on their paper.


During large group literacy the students decided what are spiders, what spiders can do, and what spiders have. Remember this is 4 and 5 year old students describing spiders only after three days.


During small groups the students constructed a spider using (1) small Oreo cookie, (1) large Oreo, M&Ms, and black Twizzlers. We incorporated vocabulary words such as arachnid and abdomen. Educational Video Links:

Check back for updates and links to activities!

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