Friday, May 26, 2017

Flexible Seating in the Classroom: The World of Kinesthetic Learning!

My students need flexible seating to alleviate excessive fidgeting in a non-disruptive manner

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My students walk into our classroom every day full of life and excited for what is in store for them that day. I want them to know I believe in them and they can do anything.
I teach at a Title I school in Georgia where 100 percent of our students receive free breakfast and lunch.
Many of my students receive backpack food on the weekend. Despite so many hardships, my students are eager to learn and do their best.

Dial 705-AST Handy and Stackable Lap Tray, Assorted ColorNorwood Commercial Furniture NOR-1101AC-SO Plastic Stack Stools, 17.75" Height, 11.75" Width, 11.75" Length, Assorted (Pack of 5)

My Project

The scoop rocker, stability cushion, stackable stools, and lap desk will provide alternate seating necessary to alleviate excessive fidgeting in a non-disruptive manner allowing my students to quietly listen or complete independent work. These materials will not directly teach my students new skills, but they will help prime my students for learning in all content areas. For example, while I'm teaching a lesson on 2- digit addition, one of my students may be rolling around on the floor having difficulty maintaining their space. If the students had a constructive quiet way to release energy, I can continue teaching with minimum interruptions.
The donations for this project will improve my classroom by reducing the amount of behavioral issues, due to excessive movement.

With less behavioral issues, we can increase our learning and time on task. I'm looking forward to seeing my students happier and ready to learn.

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