Friday, July 13, 2012

Scope and Sequence

I have been working on a scope and sequence for the upcoming school year. So far I have the following:

August 2012
September 2012
October 2012
November 2012
December 2012
·   Letters: S, M
·   Letters: D, L, A
·   Letters: H, O, P, T
·   Letters: I, N
·   Letters: C, R
·   Numbers: 0, 1, 2
·   Numbers: 3, 4
·   Numbers: 5, 6
·   Numbers: 7, 8
·   Numbers: 9, 10
·   Color: Blue
·   Color: Purple
·   Color: Orange
·   Color: Brown
·   Color: Yellow
·   Shape: Square
·   Shape: Diamond
·   Shape: Triangle
·   Shape: Rectangle
·   Shape: Star

To go along with the scope and sequence I have been working on designing activities to reinforce the concept. For the month of August I have designed Snaky Ss Activity Pack and Marvelous Mm Activity Pack. 

Preview of Snaky Ss Activities

Snaky Ss Activity Pack includes the following:

Game 1: Find the picture that is the same.
Game 2: Put together letter S puzzles.
Game 3:  Build the letter S out of playdough.
Game 4: Find and circle the letter Ss.
Game 5: Practice writing the upper and lowercase letter Ss.
Game 6: Read! Make! Write! Letter S Words.
Game 7: Letter S Lacing to the Number 5.
Game 8: Build the letter S out of pattern blocks.
Game 9: Sort upper and lowercase letter S.
Game 10: Sort the letter S by size.
Game 11: Find and circle the squares.
Game 12: Trace and draw a square.
Game 13: Square Lacing to the Number 3.
Game 14: Sort squares by color.
Letter S Puppets
Letter S Word Wall Cards

Download Snaky Ss Activity Pack >>  LLL_Letter_S_Activities.pdf
This file might take some time to download because of its size.

I have the Marvelous Mm Activity Pack designed. I am working on putting all the individual pieces together into one downloaded packages. Stay tuned for more updates.

~Catherine : )

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