Saturday, November 9, 2013

Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells Christmas Time is Almost Here

Well, it's that time of year again, Christmas. I can hardly believe how fast this year is progressing. My students certainly have come a long way since the beginning of the school year. They are so excited about the holiday season. This school year, I have various levels of learning, more so than in previous years. So, I have created activities that have several skill levels.

I have planned a lot of fun, creative, and engaging learning activities for them this year. Listed below are a few of the poems, songs, and activities that I am using this year in my PreK class.

Keep checking back often as I am continually updating the list of activities.


Christmas Tree
If I were a pine
With needles lean,
If I were a fir
With branches green,
Do you know what
I'd want to be?
A shimmering, shining
Christmas tree!
~ Author Unknown ~

Christmas Wreaths
Our Christmas wreaths
Are fat and round
Made of woodsy things
We found.
We tied brown cones
Upon the green
And stuck red berries
In between.
Upon the wreath
For our front door
We tied a ribbon from a store.
~ Author Unknown ~

Santa Claus is big and fat
He wears black boots
And a bright red hat.
His nose is red
Just like a rose
And he "ho ho ho's"
From his head to his toes!
~ Author Unknown ~

Five Christmas Candles
Five Christmas candles
With flames so gay,
Dance and flicker
On Christmas day

Five Christmas candles
With flames so gay
Melt away
On Christmas Day.
~ Author Unknown ~

Christmas Candles 
Christmas candles burning bright,
Shining in the winter night.
Shining there for all to see,
Christmas candles for all to see,
Christmas candles one, two, three.
Christmas candles burning bright,
Shine until the morning light.
~ Author Unknown ~

Oh, I took a lick of my peppermint stick
And I thought it tasted yummy!
It used to be on my Christmas tree,
But I like it better in my tummy!  Yummy!
~ Author Unknown ~

Santa Claus's  Ride
Santa Claus went for a ride
and got back in time for a snack of gingerbread cookies and hot  chocolate
and a long cozy nap.
~ Author Unknown ~

This Little Present
The little present is for Mary.
This little present is for Ted.
This little present is for Harry.
This little present is for Ned.
This little present cried,
"Boo, hoo, hoo!  Please put me in a Christmas stocking, too!"
~ Author Unknown ~


Where is Santa?
(tune: Are you sleeping?)

Where is Santa? (hands behind back)
Where is Santa?
Here I am! (arms out in front, making a belly shape!)
Here I am!

Merry, Merry Christmas!
Merry, Merry, Christmas! (keep arms up through the rest of the song!)
Ho! Ho! Ho!
Ho! Ho! Ho!
~ Author Unknown~

We'll Decorate the Tree
(tune: The Farmer in the Dell)

We'll decorate the tree.
We'll decorate the tree.
Heigh-ho, it's Christmastime,
We'll decorate the tree.

The presents we will wrap,
The presents we will wrap,
Heigh-ho, it's Christmastime,
The presents we will wrap.

Carols we will sing,
Carols we will sing,
Heigh-ho, it's Christmastime,
Carols we will sing.
~ Author Unknown~

There Was a Man
(tune: BINGO)

There was a man in a big red suit
And Santa was his name-o.
S - a - n - t -a    
S - a -n - t - a  
S - a - n - t - a
And Santa was his name-o!

Additional verses:
2. He has a big white fluffy beard.
3. He rides a sleigh of 8 reindeer.
4. He has a sack all filled with toys.
5. He brings the toys for girls and boys.
6. He'll come again another year.
Ho! Ho! Ho!
~ Author Unknown~

Santa's Coming
(tune: Frere Jacques)

Santa's coming,
Santa's coming
Sleigh bells ring,
Sleigh bells ring,
It is Christmas Eve.
It is Christmas Eve.
Ding, ding, dong.
Ding, ding, dong.
~ Author Unknown~


Stocking Color Words

Setting: Small Group, Literacy Centers

Objective: Color sight word identification, matching

Materials: Stocking Color Word cards available for free. Click on the link below.

Directions: Seat your students around a table and place the Stocking Color Word cards in a basket. Have the students work in pairs matching the color sight word to the matching color stocking. There are two levels of play. Level 1: Color sight words are written the color represented. Level 2: All color sight words are written in black.

Stacking Gifts
[Block Center]
Wrap cardboard boxes (large and small) in Christmas gift wrap. Add them to the block center for children to stack.

Gift Box Guessing Game 
[Large Group] 
Decorate a large cardboard box to look like a gift box, and play this guessing game. While everyone’s eyes are closed, tap one child on the shoulder. That child will crawl in the big gift box. Tell the children to open their eyes and guess who is missing from the circle.

Christmas Wreath
[Take Home Project] 
Use a sturdy green paper plate and cut out the middle and send one home with each student.  Encourage their family to creatively help them decorate their wreath.

Christmas Sort File Folder Game

Setting: Small Group, Math Centers

Objective: Sorting

Materials: Use the Christmas Sort cards. Have students sort the cards into Christmas and Not Christmas. Two levels of play. Level 1: Students can place pictures about Christmas into a stocking. Level 2: Have the students place pictures about Christmas on the Christmas tree and pictures not about Christmas on the Christmas tree with a red X.

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