Thursday, January 1, 2015

All About the Letter I - Letter of the Week Activities

 Letter Hunt: Go on a Letter Ii hunt around your home. Encourage your child to see how many objects he can find with names beginning with the /i/ sound like in ice cream and itch. Support your child’s writing process by encouraging him/her to write the word on an index card. Then have him/her tape it to the object.

Odd Sound Out: Say three words, two beginning with the /i/ like in itch sound and one sound that is different. Have the student repeat which sound does not belong.
  • in, itch, hat
  • iguana, hot, igloo
  • goat, ill, if
  • it, is, food
  • inch, ink, hotdog

I Listening Game: Read the following sentences. Have the students repeat the words that begin with the /i/ sound like in ice cream.
  • Irene likes to eat ice cream.
  •  I like to plant ivy.
  • Watch out for the iceberg.
  • McGee is an Irish name.
  • An island has water on all sides.

Fill in the Missing Word:  All of your guesses should begin with the /i/ sound like in igloo.
  • You can build this out of blocks of ice. It is round. You can sleep in it. It is an ________. (igloo)
  • I can be a pet. I am cold blooded. I am usually green, and I like to eat insects.  I am an  ________. (iguana)
  • It is sweet and made out of milk and cold. You can make a banana-split with it. If you leave it out of the freezer it will melt. It is   _______. (ice cream)
  • When I sneeze and run a fever I am sick. Another word for sick has just three letters it is _____. (ill)

Circle and Find: Have students practice reading environmental print. Use newspapers, junk mail, and/or sales flyers and have them highlight all of the letter Ii’s using a highlighter.


(to the tune Clementine)
In an igloo on an island
in a sea of icey water
lived an inchworm named Ignatius
and his itsy bitsy daughter.
She was smaller than an inkblot
and her name was Isabelle.
She didn't need a cradle
cause she slept in a seashell.

If You're Happy and You Know It
If you're happy and you know it,
Scratch an itch “i” “i”
If you're happy and you know it,
Scratch an itch “i” “i”
If you're happy and you know it,
Then your face will surely show it
If you're happy and you know it,
Scratch an itch “i” “i”.

Where is the Alphabet?
(Tune: "Where Is Thumbkin?")
Where is I? Where is I? (Children repeat.)
Here I am! (Hold up the manual sign for I.)
Here I am! (Children repeat and copy sign.)
What do you say I? What do you say I?
/ĭ/ /ĭ//ĭ//ĭ//ĭ/

Literacy Activities 

Body Letters - Challenge children to make different letters with their bodies. Can you make an "I"? Can you make the letter that you hear at the beginning of "ice cream”?
Air Writing - Write letters in the air using the index finger and middle finger. Keep your elbow stiff. Note! The teacher will need to reverse the movements or turn around while demonstrating in front of the class.

Things to glue on the Alphabet
  • plastic insects
  • pictures of insects
  • insect stickers
  • draw ice cream cones, or icicles
  • ink
  • Make I's out of fingerprints and add legs and eyes for insects

  • ice cream
  • ice
  • icing
  • ice pops
  • Italian food
  • Indian food

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