Sunday, November 15, 2015

All About the Farm

Last week our class learned about the farm to include what is a farm, what does a farmer do, how to make butter, what animals live on a farm, and what farm animal sounds can we hear. CHECK BACK FOR CLASSROOM PICTURES!

Below is a link to our farm theme lesson plans for the week. The lesson plans include the following types of activities: Morning Message with activity, Large Group Literacy, Phonemic Awareness, Small Group, two planned story times, and a closing activity.The standards are based on Bright From the Start GELDS.

Classroom Activities:

Students will be involved in a variety of activities to promote language and literacy skills, mathematical reasoning, exploration, and fine motor control. Some of our center activities will include the following:

Art - Corn cob painting. Students can draw pictures of farm animals and farm scenes.
Writing Center - Students will practice copying farm vocabulary words.
Library - Students will read and listen to books about farm. They can also practice their writing skills by using Magna Doodle Boards.
Math - Students will practice counting, sorting, and classifying objects.
Science - Students will explore farm animals. Students can sort animals by how many legs, wings, no wings. Add blue construction paper laminated with the word "pond" printed on it for students to sort animals that swim. Add brown construction paper, laminated with the word "mud" printed on it for students to sort animals that like to wallow in the mud. Add green construction paper, laminated with the word "grass" printed on it for students to sort animals that eat grass. Educational Links:
I have put together a collection of songs and read alouds about Farm.

CLICK HERE>> Farm Theme Pre-K

Songs and Poems:

Five Little Pigs
Five little pigs went out to play.
The first little pig said,
"Let's go to the woods today."
The second little pig said,
"What will we do there?"
The third little pig said,
"We'll look for our mother."
The fourth little pig said,
"What will we do when we find her?"
"We'll hug her and kiss her and kiss her!"
Said the fifth little pig.
~Original Author Unknown

Five And Five Eggs 
Five and five eggs
Hold up hands
That makes ten
Sitting on top is mother hen
Fold one hand over the other
Crackle, crackle, crackle
Clap hands three times
What do I see
Fingers around eyes
Ten fluffy chickens
As yellow as can be
 Hold up ten fingers.
~Original Author Unknown

I Had A Little Rooster
I had a little rooster by the old barn gate
And that little rooster was my playmate
And that little rooster went cock-a-doodle-do
(Substitute other animals.)
~Original Author Unknown

This Little Cow
This little cow eats grass.
(Hold up one hand, fingers erect, bend down one finger)
This little cow eats hay.
(Bend down another finger)
This little cow drinks water.
(Bend down another finger)
And this little cow does nothing.
(Bend down another finger)
But lie and sleep all day.
~Original Author Unknown

Book List:

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