Sunday, July 10, 2016

Pre-K to K Math Task Cards (Set 1 Printables)

DOWNLOAD>> Pre-K to K Math Task Cards (Set 1 Printables)

Math Task Cards are to be used in your classroom for personal use only!

The packet contains the following: 

24 Math Vocabulary Cards (little, big, colors, size, match, shapes, order, classify, count, number, before, after, sort, first, same, last, different, set, greater than, more than, less than, equal, same, fewer.)

I Can Cards (Count, Match sets of objects with a numeral 1 - 5, Match objects that are alike, Sort by (1) characteristic, Choose how to sort, Communicate reasons for sorting, Match objects that are the same.)

23 Task Cards Targets Counting Objects (1-5), Sorting 

Task 1:Making Buildings ( Geometry, spatial, and counting skills.)
Task 2:Memory Match Dot Cards (1 to 5)
Task 3:Counting Color Bears (1 to 5)
Task 4:1-5 Bear Counting Mat
Task 6:1-5 Dot Counting Mat
Task 7:Counting Towers
Task 8:Blank 5 Frames
Task 9:Blank Counting Mat
Task 10:Pattern Block Mats (1 to 5)
Task 11:Sort by Colors Mat
Task 12:Sort by Shapes Mat
Task 13:Sort Shapes by Size Mat
Task 14:Sort Letters by Holes/No Holes
Task 15:Sort Letters by Straight/Slanted Lines
Task 16:Sort Letters by Upper/Lowercase Mat
Task 17:Sort Letters by Tails/No Tails Mat
Task 18:Sort Letters by Tunnels/No Tunnels Mat
Task 19:Sort Letters by Tall/Short Mat
Task 20:Sort Letters by In My Name/Not in My Name Mat
Task 21: Sort Letters by Long/Short Stick Mat
Task 22: Sort Letters by Same Upper/Lowercase Mat
Task 23: Alike Mat

• It is suggested to print all pieces on card stock and laminate for durability.
• Perfect for making math tubs for morning work and independent work.

Georgia Early Learning and Development Standards: 

Approaches to Play
APL2.4a Demonstrates eagerness to learn about and discuss new topics, ideas and tasks.
APL1.4a Takes initiative to learn new concepts and try new experiences. Initiates and completes new tasks by himself/herself.

Language and Literacy
CLL7.4a With prompting and support, recognizes and names some upper/lowercase letters of the alphabet.

CD-MA4.4b Sorts and classifies objects using one or more attributes or relationships.
CD-MA4.4c Creates and extends simple, repeating patterns.
CD-MA2.4b Counts at least 10 objects using one-to-one correspondence.

Cognitive Process
CD-CP3.4b Uses both familiar and new strategies to solve a problem.
CD-CP3.4c With adult guidance and questioning determines and evaluates solutions prior to attempting to solve a problem.

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If you find a mistake or typo in the packet, please email me so I can fix the error and send you a revised packet.

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