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All About the Letter Rr {Letter of the Week SMARTboard Activities}

The "R" Box 
Decorate a box with the letter "R". Inside the box place items or pictures of items that begin with the letter "R". This also works well if you use pictures, and have each child in turn draw out one picture and tell it's name and what they would do with it.

Acrobatic "R"'s
Divide the children into groups of threes. Have the children in each group lie on the floor and use their bodies to form the letter "R". Let the children in each group trade places and form the letter "R" again, so each child gets a turn at being a different part of the "R".  

Fill in the Missing Word:  All of your guesses should begin with the /r/ sound like in robot.
  • I have a handle. I am used to gather up leaves outside. I am a  __________. (rake)
  • I can be made of silver or gold. You wear me on your finger. I am a ___________. (ring)
  • I am the color of cherries, strawberries, and crayons. I am the color _______. (red)
  • I have two long sides and two short size. I am the shape of a door. What shape am I? _________. (rectangle)
Circle and Find: Have students practice reading environmental print. Use newspapers, junk mail, and/or sales flyers and have them highlight all of the letter Rr’s using a  highlighter.

Read the Sentence! Count the Words!: Directions: Read the sentence. Count how many words begin with the /r/ sound. Count how many words are in the sentence.
  • I like the color red.  __________
  • I like my green robot. __________
  • I like raisins. __________
  • I like to rake leaves. __________ Educational Links:
I have put together a collection of songs and read a-loud books about the Letter R.
Note: All books and songs are copyrighted by original owners. Youtube links change periodically. If you find a broken link please email me

Book List:

SMARTBoard Activities:

There are over 35 pages of interactive activities to promote and reinforce letter, critical thinking, and math concepts. All About the Letter Rr is perfect for whole group, small group, and individual practice on the SMARTBoard or on a computer with the SMARTNotebook software installed.

Vocabulary Words

Let’s Write the Letter – Rr

Write the Missing Letter: Look at the picture and write the beginning missing letter.

Rr is for Robot: Help Robby Robot find his rocket by following the upper and lowercase letter R to the rocket.

Which One Comes Next? Look at the pattern and finish the pattern.

Which One Does Not Belong? Look at the letters and pictures and put an X on the picture(s) that do not belong.

Let’s Sort by Uppercase and Lowercase Letter Rr: Sort the raindrops by upper and lowercase letter R.

Let’s Sort: Sort pictures by the beginning /r/ sound onto the rug. To re-set the self- checking game: Click on ACTIVITY BUILDER>RESET ALL. This resets the game pieces to their original location.

Find, Graph, and Tally: Count the letters and graph how many of each.

Find, Graph, and Tally: Count the pictures and graph how many of each.

Write the Beginning Letter Sound: Look at the picture and write the beginning letter sound.

ABC Order

Search a Word: Look for words beginning with the Letter R. All words are hidden across and there is only one word per line.

Say! Trace! Read! Write! Use the letter tiles to build the word.

Let’s Build the Letter Rr: Use the shapes to construct the upper and lowercase letter Rr.

Puzzles: Put together CVC and 4 letter puzzles all beginning with the letter R.

Color by Number Color by number to find the missing letter.

Balloon Pop Pop the balloons and decide if the picture begins with the /qu/ sound.

Size Sort Sort the letter by small and large. To re-set the self- checking game: Click on ACTIVITY BUILDER>RESET ALL. This resets the game pieces to their original location.

Color Sort Sort the letter by color. To re-set the self- checking game: Click on ACTIVITY BUILDER>RESET ALL. This resets the game pieces to their original location.

Directions: To view the Notebook file choose: VIEW> 100%. It is recommended NOT to save the file once you have downloaded and extracted. This way the game does not have to be re-set.

Georgia Early Learning and Development Standards:

Approaches to Play
APL2.4a  Demonstrates eagerness to learn about and discuss new topics, ideas and tasks.
APL1.4a  Takes initiative to learn new concepts and try new experiences. Initiates and completes new tasks by himself/herself.

Language and Literacy
CLL1.4a  Listens and responds on topic to conversations and group discussions for an extended period.
CLL1.4b Listens to and follows multi-step directions.
CLL1.4c Extends/expands thoughts or ideas expressed.
CLL6.4c Isolates the initial (beginning) sounds in words with adult guidance.
CLL7.4a  With prompting and support, recognizes and names some upper/lowercase letters of the alphabet.

CD-MA4.4b Sorts and classifies objects using one or more attributes or relationships.
CD-MA4.4c Creates and extends simple, repeating patterns.
CD-MA2.4b Counts at least 10 objects using one-to-one correspondence.

Cognitive Process
CD-CP3.4b Uses both familiar and new strategies to solve a problem.
CD-CP3.4c With adult guidance and questioning determines and evaluates solutions prior to attempting to solve a problem.

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