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My Many Colored Days

My Many Colored Days Activity PacketMy Many Colored Days by Dr. Seuss is a wonderful way for parents and teachers to talk with children about their feelings. Each day is described in terms of a particular color, which in turn is associated with specific emotions. Using a spectrum of vibrant colors and a variety of animals, this unique book covers a range of moods and emotions. (Ages 3-8)

I am introducing this book during the first month of school as part of my Feelings Theme. I used the information provided from the Book Nook based on My Many Colored Days by Dr. Seuss to create visuals to retell the story with.

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My Many Colored Days Activities Packet contains the following:

  • Each animal is in colored and coordinates with the story. 
  • Each colored boy is in color with the color word written on the cutout. 
  • Pages 12-27 are a printable book based on the story by Dr. Seuss. The printable book is used for EDUCATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY! It may not be sold or re-distributed. The book is copyright protected and may be used for classrooms purposes only. The images are from the Ideas for Using Books to Support Social Emotional Development: My Many Colored Days by Dr. Seuss and can be found here:

Directions: It is suggested that all pieces are printed on card stock and laminated for durability. Pages 2-11 print single sided, laminate, and cut individually. If you plan on using the visuals on a felt board simply attach the rough side of self-adhesive Velcro dots to the back of each piece. Another option is to use self-adhesive magnets. Also, to act out the story, print another set of visuals, laminate, and glue to craft sticks. Place the puppets with the book in your library. The book on pages 12-27 can be printed manually on both sides, laminated, and then either comb-bound or use book rings to make the book. Both the book and the puppets are being used in my Safe Place from Conscious Discipline.

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Examples of activities that can be used while reading My Many Colored Days and throughout the day to promote social and emotional development:

  • While reading the story, pause after each animal and discuss the animal’s color. Ask the children to share a time that they were in that mood. After reading the story, discuss the spectrum of colors in comparison to moods and feelings.
  • Extend the story by discussing different colors and their association with emotions. Explain that sometimes feelings are described in colors. We are all different and may have a different feelings or moods with each color. For example, although some associate blue with being sad others find it very peaceful and happy. Make a chart with different colors across the top. Ask children to pick which color represents how they are feeling. Talk about why they picked the color to represent their feeling. Write the children’s names under the color they pick.
  • Color spinner—Trace two hands, with the two palm edges touching, on one piece of card stock paper or file folder. The fingers will be facing the outer edge of the paper/file folder, while the palms are toward the center. (Note: Once traced, the hands will form a mirror image of each other.) Cut out an arrow and attach it with a brad to form a spinner between the two hands. Color each finger a different color using the colors represented in the story. Have the children pass the spinner around taking turns spinning the arrow and discussing what the color means for them. Talk about how different people may have different feelings associated with the same color. For example, in the story, purple makes the boy feel sad; for others it could mean feeling loved.
The ideas used above are from: Ideas for Using Books to Support Social Emotional Development: My Many Colored Days by Dr. Seuss.

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