Sunday, July 28, 2013

All About the Letter Pocket Chart Activitiy

All About the Letter Activity Chart is part of my circle time routine. Each letter of the alphabet has four photo picture cards. Suggested ideas:

  • Letter recognition
  • Alphabetic order
  • Beginning sound identification
  • Sorting
  • Classifying

The picture is a representation of the All About the Letter Chart. The photo cards are Alphabet Soup Sorters the school district had purchased for the classroom. Instead of using the Alphabet Soup Sorter Cards you can use the photo picture cards in this activity packet.

All About the Letter Pocket Chart Activities

The packet contains the following:

  • (26) Letter Cards (Vowels are in red)
  • (4) Photo cards for each letter of the alphabet
  • (1) All about the letter... Sign
  • (1) Question mark card.

Photo List:

  • Aa: apple, ambulance, ant, Apple Jacks 
  • Bb: balloon, butterfly, bear, button 
  • Cc: cat, cake, cookie, car
  • Dd: doughnut, domino, dog, duck 
  • Ee: elephant, eraser, eagle, ear 
  • Ff: fork, football, firefighter, feather
  • Gg: goat, gas, grapes, glasses 
  • Hh: heart, hat, hamster, horn 
  • Ii: ice cream, ice, iron, insect
  • Jj: jacks, jet, juice, jar 
  • Kk: kick, keys, ketchup, kite 
  • Ll: ladder, lamp, lock, lemon
  • Mm: mushroom, magnet, motorcycle, milk 
  • Nn: nurse, newspaper, nest, nickel 
  • Oo: ostrich, orange, olive, owl
  • Pp: pig, pumpkin, pot, pizza 
  • Qq: quilt, quarter, queen, quail 
  • Rr: rabbit, rake, rope, rhino
  • Ss: socks, snake, soap, stove 
  • Tt: turtle, tomato, table, teeth 
  • Uu: unicycle, umbrella, underwear, uniform 
  • Vv: violin, vase, vulture, van 
  • Ww: watch, wagon, watermelon, window 
  • Xx: x-ray, xylophone , box, fox 
  • Yy: yarn, yak, yogurt, yellow 
  • Zz: zebra, zucchini, zigzag, zipper


  • It is suggested to print all pieces on card stock and laminate for durability. Actual size for each letter card is 3.25” x 3.75” and each photo card is 2.625” x 2.6667”.
  • Once printed cut on the solid black line for the letter cards. This way the background goes all the way to the edge.
  • Once all pieces have been laminated and cut I used a calendar pocket chart to place all of the cards in and the photo cards are placed behind the letter.
DOWNLOAD>> All About the Letter Pocket Chart Activity


Yogurt photo credit:
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Queen photo credit:

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