Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Summer Ideas

Lanie's Little Learners Summer IdeasFix an area outside to let you child enjoy painting. Some ideas include inexpensive watercolors, white construction paper, and of course water. If painting is not something you’re interested in than choose markers, colored pencils, crayons, etc. Before your little one begins their “plein air” (outside) master piece, go on a nature walk through your yard, neighborhood, or local park and talk about all the different colors and textures you see along the way. To promote language skills use as many describing words when talking with your young child. Words such as enormous, tiny, hairy, smooth, bumpy, bright, dull, shiny etc. Describe the shape of the object, its dimensions anything to expand your child’s vocabulary. When you return from your adventure encourage your child to remember details from the walk and paint them or draw them. Remember it is about the creative process and not the end product. Talk with your child about their painting. Ask, “Tell me about your painting,” leaves an opened conversation as opposed to “what are you drawing?” For a science experiment, encourage your child to observe how fast the watercolors dry. Most of all have fun!


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