Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Alphabet Matching Cards {Superhero Theme} FREEBIE!

Alphabet Matching Cards {Superhero Theme}  FREEBIE!

DOWNLOAD>> Alphabet Matching Cards {Superhero Theme}  FREEBIE!

I use these cards in a game I play called Stand Up Alphabet. The object of the game is to have all of the students standing, I show the Matching Letter Card one at a time in random order. If the student correctly names the letter then he/she continues to stand, if not they have to sit down. I continue until all of the students have had a turn. End of first round. The second round begins with the student saying the letter’s name and the sound of the letter. If the student correctly identifies both parts he/she remains standing, if not they have to sit down. I continue until all if the students have had a turn. End of round 2. Round three the students say the letter’s name, the sound the letter makes, and a word beginning with that letter. If he/she gets all three correct they remain standing, if not they sit down. I continue until all of the students have had a turn. End of round 3. The students who are still standing go through a lightening round identifying all three components. After the lightening round, whoever is still standing gets a “special” sticker.

Our pre-k class started playing this game after Thanksgiving Break. At first by the end of round 3 there were only one or two students standing. By the end of Spring Break, a majority of the class was standing at the end of round 3. By the end of school, 20 out of 22 students were standing at the end of round three. I used this game as a transition activity, end of the day review, rainy day activity, or when one of the students requested to play the game.

I was pleasantly surprised when one of my students used critical thinking skills by using the word wall to find a word begin with the letter Qq. (Word Wall Toolkit {Superhero Theme}).

  • This FREEBIE can be used in many ways. It can be used as an upper/lower case matching game, flashcards, What’s My Name, What’s My Sound, What’s a Word that Begins with Me?, Table decorations, etc.
  • Matching Letter Cards are individual letters printed on colorful circles with a star background.
  • Directions: Print on card stock, trim along the black image border, and laminate for durability.

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