Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Word Wall Toolkit {Superhero Theme}

Word Wall Toolkit {Superhero Theme}

DOWNLOAD>> Word Wall Toolkit {Superhero Theme}
  • Each letter of the alphabet has an upper and lowercase letter on a city backdrop. All of the letters have (3) word wall cards beginning with that letter except for the letter X which only has 2.
  • Words used include the following:
    • Aa - apple, ax alligator
    • Bb - brown, black, brown
    • Cc - circle, cube, cone
    • Dd - duck, dog, desk
    • Ee - eight, eleven, eighteen
    • Ff - four, five, family
    • Gg - grasshopper, green, girl
    • Hh - hand, heart, hat
    • Ii - igloo, ice cream, icicle
    • Jj - jacket, jump, jar
    • Kk - kick, key, kite
    • Ll - leaf, lion, ladder
    • Mm - mom, mug, moon
    • Nn - nine, nineteen, nose
    • Oo - one, oval, orange
    • Pp - pink, purple, pig
    • Qq - quilt, quiet, queen
    • Rr - rectangle, rhombus, red
    • Ss - sphere, six, seven
    • Tt - two, ten, triangle
    • Uu - umbrella, under, up
    • Vv - vest, volcano, vacuum
    • Ww - wag, wig, watermellon
    • Xx - x-ray, xylophone
    • Yy - yellow, yam, yo-yo
    • Zz - zebra, zoo, zero
  • BONUS: Add your own word wall cards using the editable Microsoft template. The table is set to automatically adjust the picture to the predefined space. The font used is PondFreeMe. You can find the FREE font here: PONDFreeMe
  • Directions: Print on card stock, trim along the black image border, and laminate for durability.

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