Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Summer is Ending!

I cannot believe that summer vacation is winding down and school starts on August 5th. I am always excited and nervous at the same time. This year will be the first time that I teach Special Ed. Pre-K, this should be an interesting year.

As always I spend my summer vacation revising and and coming up with new ideas for the upcoming school year. I have decided to go with a Space theme for my classroom. I told myself this year I was going to take  before and after pictures of my classroom. I sort of did. I didn't take pictures of the hot mess where all of the centers, tables, chairs (basically everything in the room) was covered and pushed into the middle. What you see is the centers pushed to where they are going to be for the year. Now, I am working on bulletin boards, relabeling some centers, and organization.


Ms. H's Class: Day 2
This is a picture from my desk which this year is located in the back of the room. Heavenly air conditioning will be blowing on me, and I will not freeze my parapro!
Ms. H's Class: Day 2
This is the left side of my classroom where science, art, and some of the dramatic play center can be seen.

Stay tuned for more classroom revels as I go along. I am also (keep your fingers crossed) making steps for my SMARTBoard. I have wonderful plans, but sometimes the execution is lacking!

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