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FREEBIE! Read! Write! Make! - Activity Mats

There are over 8 pages of interactive activities to promote and reinforce letter and critical thinking skills. Read! Write! Make! Activity Mats are perfect for small group and individual practice.

FREEBIE! Read! Write! Make! - Activity Mats

Read! Write! Make! Includes the following:
  • (8) Read! Write! Make! Mats targeting the letter F.
  • Letter Tiles for making words.

Directions: It is recommended to print on cardstock and laminate for durability. Another alternative instead of using the printed letter tiles you can use magnetic letters.

Georgia Early Learning and Development Standards:

Approaches to Play
APL2.4a Demonstrates eagerness to learn about and discuss new topics, ideas and tasks.
APL1.4a Takes initiative to learn new concepts and try new experiences. Initiates and completes new tasks by himself/herself.

Language and Literacy
CLL1.4a Listens and responds on topic to conversations and group discussions for an extended period.
CLL1.4b Listens to and follows multi-step directions.
CLL1.4c Extends/expands thoughts or ideas expressed.
CLL6.4c Isolates the initial (beginning) sounds in words with adult guidance.
CLL7.4a With prompting and support, recognizes and names some upper/lowercase letters of the alphabet.

Cognitive Process
CD-CP3.4b Uses both familiar and new strategies to solve a problem.
CD-CP3.4c With adult guidance and questioning determines and evaluates solutions prior to attempting to solve a problem.

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