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All About the Letter D - Letter of the Week SMARTBoard Activities

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I have put together a collection of songs and read a-loud books about the Letter D.

Note: All books and songs are copyrighted by original owners. Youtube links change periodically. If you find a broken link please email me at:lanieslittlelearners@gmail.com

There are over 20 pages of interactive activities to promote and reinforce letter, critical thinking, and math concepts. All About the Letter D is perfect for whole group, small group, and individual practice on the SMARTBoard or on a computer with the SMARTNotebook software installed.

All About the Letter Dd file contains the following activities:
  • Letter D Vocabulary Words
  • Where is the letter D? Circle the upper and lowercase letter out of a random group of letters. Then count and write how many uppercase and lowercase D’s you found.
  • Where is the letter D? Circle the upper and lowercase letter D’s from the nursery rhyme, “Diddle, Diddle Dumpling.” Then count and write how many uppercase and lowercase D’s you found.
  • Direct teacher-led instruction on how to write the uppercase letter D.
  • Let’s write the letter D. Individual practice for students.
  • Write the missing letter. Students write the missing letter of words beginning with the letter D.
  • Help Danny Dino find the doughnut. Draw a line from Danny Dino to the doughnut following the path of upper and lowercase letter D’s.
  • What comes next? Drag the picture and or letter which come next in the pattern.
  • What does not belong? Put a D on the letter and or picture that does not belong.
  • Sort uppercase and lowercase letter D. Upper and lowercase letters are printed on ducks. Drag ducks with the upper and lowercase letter D into the pond.
  • Sort beginning letter /d/ sound. Drag the pictures that begin with the /d/ sound behind the door.
  • Find, Graph, and Tally. Find the letters, count the letters, and color in the correct number of squares. Then practice using tally marks to count the letters. Then determine which letter had the most and which had the least.
  • Find, Graph, and Tally. Find the picture, count the pictures, and color in the correct number of squares. Then practice using tally marks to count the pictures. Then determine which picture had the most and which had the least.
  • Let’s Play a Game. Directions: Drag the dominoes from the "Bone Pile" and make a match. Take turns until all of the dominoes have been used. If a student does not draw a match place the domino, into the discard pile. The player loses a turn and it is the next player's turn. To rotate the domino, use the green circle on the picture when clicked.
  • Word Puzzles. Drag the puzzle pieces around to make words that begin with the letter D.
  • Let’s Build the Letter. Construct the upper and lowercase letter D out of straight and curvy lines.

Directions: It is recommended NOT to save the file once you have downloaded and extracted. This way the game does not have to be re-set.

Georgia Early Learning and Development Standards:

Approaches to Play
APL2.4a Demonstrates eagerness to learn about and discuss new topics, ideas and tasks.
APL1.4a Takes initiative to learn new concepts and try new experiences. Initiates and completes new tasks by himself/herself.

Language and Literacy
CLL1.4a Listens and responds on topic to conversations and group discussions for an extended period.
CLL1.4b Listens to and follows multi-step directions.
CLL1.4c Extends/expands thoughts or ideas expressed.
CLL6.4c Isolates the initial (beginning) sounds in words with adult guidance.
CLL7.4a With prompting and support, recognizes and names some upper/lowercase letters of the alphabet.

CD-MA4.4b Sorts and classifies objects using one or more attributes or relationships.
CD-MA4.4c Creates and extends simple, repeating patterns.
CD-MA2.4b Counts at least 10 objects using one-to-one correspondence.

Cognitive Process
CD-CP3.4b Uses both familiar and new strategies to solve a problem.
CD-CP3.4c  With adult guidance and questioning determines and evaluates solutions prior to attempting to solve a problem.

If you have any suggestions and/or comments to make this learning packet better, please feel free to email me at: lanieslittlelearners@gmail.com.

If you find a mistake or typo in the packet, please email me at:
lanieslittlelearners@gmail.com so I can fix the error and send you a revised packet.

www.KevinandAmanda.com (Free Fonts)
www.teacherspayteachers.com/Product/Commercial-Font-License-SINGLE-FONT-348256 (Fonts)
www.teacherspayteachers.com/Store/Ashley-Hughes-38 (Graphic Images)
www.MyCuteGraphics.com (Graphic Images)
www.teacherspayteachers.com/Store/Kpm-Doodles (Graphic Images)

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